Happy International Zero Waste Month!

The opening of the International Zero Waste Month has arrived! Together, let’s #RefuseSingleUse!

Starting January 6 until 31st, join and learn from hundreds of grassroots groups, national and regional alliances, individuals, leaders, policymakers, and businesses across regions as they take action and #GoForZeroWaste! Join us and participate from wherever you are in the world and see how you can get involved. By registering your IZWM event, you will join millions of people around the world, showcasing their commitment towards a better future for the people and the planet. Register your action today at the Zero Waste Festival.

Here’s what happened during the opening salvo of the #IZWM2023:

🪴 Refuse Single-Use Day

  • Zero Waste in Schools and Film Showing (Vietnam): Check all of their events here
  • Zero Waste Writing Competition (Indonesia): This writing competition will invite participants to know and understand more deeply the relationship between Zero Waste solutions and climate change. The writing competition will become a medium for mainstreaming this issue through bloggers who already have a large audience that has not been reached through YPBB media. Visit their page for more information
  • Zero Waste to Zero Emission Talk Show (Indonesia): Visit their page for more information
  • Zero Waste Youth Camp Training (India): Deer Park is hosting a series of zero-waste youth workshops in January 2023 to sensitize local girls and boys (between 10-18 years of age) and train them to be community eco-champions. Some of these will be held in collaboration with prominent organizations such as Waste Warriors – a non–profit working to enable better governance in waste management with a special focus on tourist areas in the Himalayan region. Check their social media handles. IG | FB
  • Zero Waste Flash Mob (Philippines): Zero Waste Flash Mob is an environmental dance performance that aims to raise awareness about the positive impacts of a zero-waste system. Watch their performance here.
  • Children’s March Against SUPs (India): A day where children were brought to march against SUP day! Check their post-event posts here.
  • Zero Waste Sessions in Schools (India): To celebrate Zero Waste Day and guide the students of Architecture on Solid Waste Management and Zero Waste Practices, Mrs. Jyoti Mhapsekar of Stree Mukti Sanghatana (SMS) was a guest speaker at IES COA. The students and faculty committed to Zero Waste IESCOA last January 6. Check here for more information
  • Refuse Single-Use Products Social Media Campaign (Hong Kong): Bring Your Own Container (BYOC) shopping culture proactively in Hong Kong and launched a naked shop (i.e. shops that sell goods without packaging) named Greeners Fusion in 2021. As part of the IZWM, they will launch a social media campaign with sales promotion messages encouraging our customers to adopt sustainable ‘naked shopping’ habits. See here
  • Awareness Programme on SUPs for Local Government Officials (India): A Coordination meeting was held in Yuksam GPK hall to draft a resolution for implementing the ban of SUP in the Yuksam Gram Panchayat, under the banner “Refuse Single-use Day” which marks the official start of the international #ZeroWasteMonth, the meeting was held in the presence of the newly elected ward panchayats, GPK Staff and KCC members. See how their event took place here
  • Zero Waste Awareness Raising (Indonesia)
  • Promotion of Zero Waste with Partner School (Indonesia)
  • Promotion of Pokka Refill Store (Indonesia)
  • Refuse SUP Campaign in Surabaya (Indonesia). Last Jan. 8, Komunitas Nol Sampah Surabaya celebrated the Refuse Single-Use Day campaign at Car Free Day Raya Darmo. With the involvement of high school students and the trash bag community, they explained the dangers of disposable cups, and they carried out campaigns to limit the use of plastic bags by exchanging plastic bags with reusable ones. Watch their video here.

🪴 Refuse Single-Use Day Social Media Campaigns from Different Parts of the World: check all posts on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

🪴 Tumbler challenge: Hundreds of members, partners, and other participants from all over the world joined and accepted the tumbler challenge! Check how everyone creatively took the challenge on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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For more information and updates, please check out: https://zwmonth.zerowaste.asia/